Free / 3rd row seats / LX450

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Jim S.

Feb 7, 2004
Sierra Vista, AZ
3rd row seats from a 97 Lx450. Truck had 86K miles on it when removed. Tan leather. Location: Las Vegas.
The bad: Need to be picked up by Thursday August 15th P.M. as the folks storing them are leaving the country. These are out of my cruiser, but I have not laid eyes on them. My vehicle was in excellent condition when purchased and I'm assuming likewise for these seats.
Please send PM for details.
Pm sent....
Seats have gone to a new home. Thanks Allan.
any else want a set i have some tan ones out in washington state i would love to get out of my garage.
Are they the leather as well?

I am down in Vancouver, but I go up to see family in Seattle a bit. (I used to live just south of you in Tenino!)
Tempting, going through Olympia in a week. I just want the brackets off them though. Seems like a waste if they are in good shape.
They are in good shape and the brackets are out of the rig and the seatbelts. The seats are for sure the nicest in the truck. I have moved 3 times now moving these seats and I just want them gone at this point

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