Found out why my gas gauge isn’t working

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Nov 29, 2016
North Alabama
Hi, I've pulled a lot,that's the worst I've seen . I'd pull and clean the tank and flush fuel lines.Im surprised your fuel filter wasn't plugged up. Mike
That hurts to look at. I'm surprised you don't have pinholes in your tank. Pull it and give the whole tank a once-over for sure.
Amazing that thing still ran. Fuel filter change in order!
I would post in you local chapter to see if someone has a replacement tank for you from a part-out. Have that one cleaned and coated.

And me too: that's the worst rusty sender I've ever seen. Must've been lots of condensation in that tank.

Just drain into a metal tub or bucket, if not too much gas left. It's gonna be all-over no matter what you do.
Time to upgrade to a long range tank if available.
Any tips for draining the tank without making a huge mess?

Wasn't difficult to drain but I'm going to stink like gas for days. Even my dog is moving away from me.

I use a 5 gallon bucket under the drain plug. Jack the rig up high enough to clear and get my hand in between the tank and bucket. no mess and fairly easy. if needed use 2 buckets and move 1 over when 3/4 full.

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