Forum Hypochondria

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Mar 27, 2003
People who have forum hypochondria are preoccupied with imagined symptoms and complaints. They fear or believe their 4x4 has a major problem, even though they may be reassured repeatedly that it is OK. A person with this disorder may focus on normal functions, like changing gear or braking. They may interpret a minor abnormality, such as an uneven tickover, as a symptom of something major. Some fear they have problems in several areas. Others focus on one car part. For example, they may be convinced they have a problem with the heater hose or the front axle. Forum hypochondriacs typically do a lot of posting, and their relationship with other forum members may deteriorate when their fears are not confirmed. The problem can be relatively mild, or can become so severe that the person is constantly working on their vehicle. The good news is that Landcruiser (and Nissan Patrol) owners have a very reliable vehicle and need not worry.

are you saying my front axle is broken? I will take some pics tonight!!! :flipoff2:

only cruiser owners may have true hypochondria. Nissian owners may think, or like to think they might have it but their problems i can assure you are real. :flipoff2:


btw: i'm leaving for bern tomorrow
That's funny. I was thinking the same thing yesterday.

:D :D
:-\ Heater hose.........

.............oh my gosh.....gotta' go check it.......DAN! HELP!!!!!!!!!
...In your best Homer Simpson voice...

Must work on Cruiser..... Aaaaaaa *drool* Must work on Cruiser.....

Must work on.... :doh: Mmmmmmmm :beer:

Must work on Cruiser............

Hello, my name is Jody and I'm a forum hypochondriac :cheers:
I awaken at night thinking I'm braking and the brakes are a bit sluggish, but no, they can't be -- I just put went stainless and swapped out my fluid with a turkey baster --

-- "oh no", I shriek, the brake lines are rubbing against the exhaust and are slowly melting away -- when will it END??!!

my name is eric, and I too am a forum hypochondriac...
AAK, my rig is falling apart! It has every symptom ever posted on this forum :doh:. WHERE IS THAT SST :p. I am sure it will be at least a :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :beer: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: job.
'If I ever get a tumor , I'm naming it Marla ...'

For those of you frequenting other hypercruise bb's , you may want to timeshare ..

T - less than 3 km/day and shrouded in the inpenetrable mauve sheers ... 'oh God , they have a run , don't they .. DON'T THEY ??! :flipoff2:'
It's funny but, I do get a little of this when it concerns an area of the truck I have no control over. Such as the gears I had put in. Luckily with time it has proven to be nothing to worry about. Joke all you want but I'd bet the farm that we have all at some time "heard a noise" and started obsessing about it until we identified the noise.

(Posting on behalf of the Wulf)

He will be out for a while studying his head gasket to block region.......................... :flipoff2:

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