Flywheel Hole Cover

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
What is the part # for the plastic/rubber cover that goes over the hole to the flywheel. My dealer sent me a metal plate with holes for bolts #35119-36010 What is this for???
kurt 94fzj80
I posted that number on SOR some time back. It is plastic. I did not save the post. I can look it up for you on Monday.
&nbsp:Did you get a cad plated plate about 4 by 3/4 inches with a bolt hole at each end?....If so you got a lower bellhousing cover used on 93 and very early 94 only..........

Did yours fall off? If so is this a common problem? I might go and check if I have mine.
The rubber got old, it didn't seat well last time I put it in. It fell out.
I am sure it is full of mud, sand and salt as I don't know how long it has been gone. I guess I should power wash it out.
Kurt, Dan -

I believe the plastic cover, "Hole Plug" as Toyota calls it, is 90950-01803 - lists for $4.11 (actual price changes as often as vegetables and gasoline...). I think this reference I have is from Dan's previous post.

Cheers !

 That's the number......I have so damn many of them floating in my head I sometimes can't find 'em. I guess that's why I have all those catalogs for backup :eek:
 the price is probably still valid as Toyota's main change months are January and July...


Oh Ron, I think I Know why I mis-placed it, the 77109-60052 bumped it out of short term recall ::)

I have gas right now, its hard to think of other topics :slap:
I was the one who asked about this back on SOR. Of course the part cost me close to $9 from the local dealer here (they're not building any goodwill!!) :mad:

The piece is pretty flimsy to I can see why they eventually fall out. I was thinking maybe a little silicone around the edge to keep it in or else just keep an eye on it.
The hole plug is on back order and dealer is tring to get me one. Anyone know of a dealer that has them?

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