Flowmaster 40 series??

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Mar 28, 2003
Marquette, MI; Jackson, WY
This topic was on the SOR forum a little while back. I think it was Keep who had installed a flowmaster muffler on his truck and recorded some sound clips. Was it the 40 series that was used? I can't remember and I'm thinking of replacing my OEM muffler soon. I was wheeling with a TJ sporting a 40 series Flowmaster last weekend and it sounded really good.

Second thorvald, I remember it as a 50

Yeah, I think you guys are right, I just surfed through the Flowmaster website and it sounds like the 40 series is for racing/offroad applications. Although, I'm surprised because that TJ wasn't that loud with his. The one in the sound clip did sound good though, so that's what I'm going to look for. Thanks guys.
It was the 50 series I put on mine.  Here's one the wav files... http://banzai.tzo.com/storage/cruiser/rev.wav.  It does have the nice V8 sound up til about 3k rpm... and it sounds better outside the vehicle than inside, pretty loud inside.  I'm happy with the choice though... it was inexpensive, it hangs down much less than the original muffler, and I like the sound.

BTW, I hope you have half way decent speakers on your computer. I just listened to that wav on my laptop... sounds like I'm in a Neon.
I also installed a 50 series muffler, but mine was the delta flow which is a quieter version of keep's. its not very much louder then stock, but it makes a noticeable diffrence. Keep, do you still have that resonator can on the end of your tail pipe? anyone recomend keeping/ditching it?

resonator = louder....right? I can never get a straight answer from anybody on the purpose!
Resonator = vw bettle whistling sound when you stomp the gas. I chopped that f*#&$* right off.
Can you post a pic of the rear portion of your tail pipe after you removed the coffee can?

As most of you know, mine is a little unsightly right now. :D
I have a 40 series Flowmaster on my 60 series and everyone loves it, including me. Throaty ;)

Resonator? You mean that coffee can POS I left in an Alaskan mud bog? Best part of dumping it is turning the exhaust out behind the tire. That is unless you have a Kewl exhaust outlet like Cruiserdan. ;)

If you think the exhaust is too loud, you need more aggressive tires or a bigger amp. :G
Here's your pic -B-.

Thanks Keep!

I guess you are talking about the one on your 80. Can you post a pic of your "behind the rear tire" tail pipe?


Sorry this isn't the best shot but if you look close.


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