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Sep 8, 2003
So what are most of you using for flashlights? Are you upgrading to LED technology?

I've got two Maglites and a Brinkman, but want to get a few more for the vehicles. The Surfire & Arc LED lights look nice, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to drop that kind of cash for a flashlight I won't be using too often. :-\

Anybody own a Surefire, are they really $100 better than a Maglite?

There was a great thread on flashlights on the SOR forum, 80 series. Pretty funny stuff.......... :D

I've got a D-cell mag and a couple AA-cell's I keep handy...I keep playing with the LED idea, but haven't found one I like yet, at a price I'm willing to pay. For short range, they are ideal...IMO, it'd be great for trailside repairs.
Right in there with H. Keep a Maglite in both GS300 and the beast full time. I've got a Black Diamond LED lamp I keep in my camping gear. Great to just put on your head and forget about it. Great illumination from four LED lights.
My surefire didn't cost anywhere near $100. Closer to $30.
I've given up maglites. I keep an arc LS in my pocket (awesome little light) and a surefire 6P or M3 in the truck for when a pocket spotlight is needed! The newer led lights are great, killer battery life and very useable light output. If you want cheap and good, look at the Princeton Tec lights - throw a 3 led Attitude and an incandescant Rage or Tec 40 in your truck for when you need a really bright light.
The nice thing about the Surefires and ARCs is the lithium batteries. They have 10 year shelf life and are not affected by very cold temps. You can buy CR123 batteries from Surefire in bulk for a really reasonable price now, really eases the pain of feeding a Surefire that only gives 1 hour (or 20 minutes with a HO lamp) of light.
usually have my petzl headlamp and minimags with. the headlamp helped drive my 40 3 miles back to the main road after the fuse kept blowing on the headlights.
I have a Streamlite Stinger HP (rechargable) in a permanently mounted charger on the rear DS of the center console. This thing is 8" long, weighs 12oz, is rated at 40K cp, and can blow a hoot owl out of a tree at 50 yards (well, almost...).

It is an extremely dependable solution for having light when you need it, and where you need it. Works very well for me.

Cheers, R -
I have a SureFire E2 and without a doubt, it is the best flashlight I have ever owned - entirely worth the ~$100 (light, a few spares, batter holder). Why? - brighter than anything I have ever used, shorter than the palm of my hand, useful for a 'blinding' defence, I carry on me or in briefcase which is great in hotels (in case of poweroutage, fire) and on aircraft (I'm on charters or commercial flights weekly) and no problems with security (never asked a question in ~80 flight segments last year and many more this year).

I also have 4D mag clipped in just below drives seat, a superlight AAA LED headlight and a 1MM candlepower plug in (I'd also like to get the Streamlight box)

Cheers, Hugh
Ah yes,

The 4D "tonk light"......... ;)
I carry 2D cell mag and a normal (halogen) headlamp and a long lasting (100 + hours) led headlamp. Nothing beats a white floodlighting headlamp for making repairs at night.
I've got a 6D Mag and a streamlight. The streamlight is awesome, lots more power than the mag. As for the 6D, it works fine, but I usually end up giving it to my buddies to use because the thing weighs a ton.
Use to camp alot so I got a petzel way back...they're sweet, bc most the times you need one... it's nice to have you hands free. They have some models now that are LED, I got the one that takes 2 AAAs and I haven't changed the batteries yet....works well!

Here's all their headlamp products

Yo Han
The Petzl Zipka is the coolest headlamp ever - 3 LED's, plenty bright, runs on AAA's, really tiny so you can keep it in a pocket if you like, very lightweight, easily attaches to your head, arm, belt, whatever. I've got several and always have one in my pocket when wheeling, camping, fishing, etc. It got me out of the woods last night without stumbling over logs or falling off any cliffs when I fished 'til after dark - I was about a half mile from my truck, so the light was welcome.

got the black dimond moonlight in the camping gear. and keep a maglight in the glovebox (c-cell) and a small led on the key chain( damn they are useful just buy one w/ an on and off switch)

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