Fj62 runs rough&hesitates @ 2500 rpms (1 Viewer)

Mar 7, 2008
sunset, Louisiana
i recently have had a smooth running 3fe fj62. i recently installed some subwoofers and it seems l8ly the truck has no power , and at 2500 rpms it hesitates. my voltage is 12.8-13.9 so my system is recharging itself. i wired it up well . my lights dont flicker, no blown fuses. i think its bad gas, i put cheap gas that i never use and i think it may have some water in it, the tanker was fillin the station when i got it and i heard that stirs up water =(. my voltage is good right? i dont see why my engine is sluggish now with the correct voltage. does the same with the accesories off also. i do have an EGR gasket leak (waiting on backorder gasket from stealership) could that be getting worse and have to much air in the system, slowing it down? plus when i start the car l8ly , it will idle fine(new tps installed not long ago) but it misses when u accelerate the pedal. please help fellas , i'm becoming a pest i kno. thanx for any help -Cody

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