For Sale FJ62 front bumper/end caps

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Oct 10, 2016
United States
!989 FJ62 front bumper with end caps, excellent condition, for sale. $500. Located in Phoenix, AZ.


It sure is pretty. I just bought one for a 62 resto. I didn't pay quite that much, but pretty close.
I will be back in the US in mid June 2018 for several weeks, and the bumper will be for sale again, located in Phoenix. Excellent condition, including end caps. $500.
Thanks for your interest. You're the first to inquire so when I get back to the US on June 13, I will pursue getting a shipping quote, and you'll have the right of first refusal. Talk to you soon.
I’m next. Pick me
Many years ago I had a Siberian Husky. Great dog! If I went on a six mile hike, she would run about 30 miles,exploring everything. Is yours an Akita? I am keeping track of those interested in the bumper. So far all are on the East Coast; any ideas on how to ship?
I shipped at bumper few months ago. It was $57 USPS from Texas to California. Take the end caps off and place them in the box to shorten the box a bit.
No, it has not. Thanks for your interest. I live in Central America, but will visit Phoenix in late April. A friend can access my storage if expeditious in the meantime.

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