FJ62 front axle uner a '91

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Jan 2, 2003
Park City, Utah
I'm about to take the plunge on this doing custom set up. I did some prelim measuring and looks like everything will be AOK. Wondering if there is anything I should be aware of or possible other things I may have forgotten.

Thanks and appreciated...
Gearing and steering parts cost more. The rest is about the same. hi steer Land Cruiser FJ60 Hy-Steer

Aussielockers and ARB are available.

CVs are the same
knuckle parts the same
brakes are about the same, you might want to keep the calipers from the runner.
Great thanks guys... Not to concerned about the hop-up costs as I already have most of those parts acquired and/or am going to leave it stock for now. The SAS is also with coils and radius arms so that doesn't really matter too much either regarding the complexity of the swap...

Mostly wondering if anyone has done it and there are other things I may have forgotten...

Thanks guys

There's limited locker options I think... Is there a cross-over steering option?

Many locker options. The diff is the same as any other Land Cruiser 80-series on down. It will have 4.11 gears. Cross-over bits from a mini-truck will work, except the rods will be different lengths. Marlin can cut you what you need.
No, the front and rear are identical.

Sort of. They are the same through the FJ62. On the 80-series the front is an eight inch high pinion. Rear is the same as earlier. Of course, the rear evolved over the years (fine spline, course spline, 3.70/4.11), but for the most part 40, 60, and 80 series rears are the same.
Ive been tossing this idea around and all I will use from the 60/62 axle is the housing and the 3rd. Ill use my mini knuckles, mini hi-steer (Ill cut and extend the links myself), my mini longs (I need a custom short side).

The down side is a little bit of lost ground clearence, and a goofy passenger side spring perch, cause it has to be up the diff a bit.

In the end im not going to do it. If im going to reinvest in gears and a locker, it will go into a taco 8.4 and then Ill drop $400 on a custom fabbed front housing from crossed up offroad. Ive bent 2 stock housings.

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