FJ60 Steering Column Slop

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Jan 5, 2015
Im having a hard time finding part #'s that are still around for the U-Joints for my 84 FJ60 Steering column. I'm getting some pretty bad slop that's been developing over the years from my dead power steering and oversized tires. I had the PS gear box rebuilt about 2-3 years ago and all new ball-joints in the linkage and all those components are as tight as their gonna get. Ive traced more slop in the steering column so that needs my attention next. Any help is appreciated. Ive circled the parts that I think I need.

My slip joint is bad and im a little worried about how much that will cost. Im wondering if this is something I can just give to a driveshaft shop.
The u joints are same as late 70s Corolla (driveshaft) IIRC. The bearings are supposedly a common part at tractor parts store(for matching). I think the parts numbers ha e been mentioned before in here

OEM might be NLA
If you change out the u-joints yourself be very careful when working with the yoke (45219) with the bolt. When removing or installing the u-joint leave the bolt installed otherwise you run the risk of having the yoke ears flex and cracking and/or breaking the splined. Learned this the hard way.

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