FJ60 Side View Mirror Mouting Screws?

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Jul 20, 2006
Well I got around to swapping out my side view mirrors this afternoon, only to have one of the screw heads strip out.

ITs phillips head counter sunk screw..I assume the threads are metric. Two screws each side hold the OEM mirriors to the door.

I've got to drill out the head on the screw that is "screwed"...

Anyone have any idea if a replacement screw can be sourced from Lowes or Home Depot? I will try and drill out the screw head tomorrow, would like to find something local if possible to make it work for now and if I have to...I'll order the oem SCREWS later...I'm tring to hit a deadline on a trail ride.
well to answer my question the exact answer is least for Lowes.

The thread appears to be M6*1.0 and close to 15 long with a counter sunk phillips head.

Lowes has (at least near me) m6*1.0 in 15 and 20 length but its a machine screw with a "regular" flat bottom base to the phillips head. no counter sunk type phillips head metric screws...of a similar size.

So I will see if these will work or will work temporarily until I can order the right ones.

Got the screwed up screw out by drilling the head off and maybe tomorrow can figure out something that will work.
They are not "Phillips" they are JIS. Using a Philips screw driver will usually strip the head.
Yea...phillips is all I have right now..

I need to hunt down some JIS're right.
Yea...phillips is all I have right now..

I need to hunt down some JIS're right.

I bought my JIS screw drivers from Vessel tool. Very good quality, reasonable price.

These are the people that make the Toyota JIS screwdriver that one used to be able to get standalone in red/black handle with a Toyota part number. Toyota decided to disco these for the US market along worth eh really nice 450g hammer.

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I casually looked at the new mirrors I bought and does not appear that a counter sunk type screw head is required (maybe it its..but on casual review did not appear that way) long story short I used the hardware I bought from Lowes to mount the new manual FJ62 mirrors on my 60. Of course these screws uses the conventional phillips head. So far so good... I will obtain some JIS stuff in a few weeks.
You can find the JIS hardware a any Japanese motorcycle dealer. These are common screws used for many bikes and are pretty cheap too!

My suggestion is to use a socket head cap screw (allen head) instead of the JIS or Phillips. This is to make it harder to steal your mirrors! Two of my buddies have had their mirrors stolen in last year. Jis and phillips are common and can be removed many times with a straight blade, but a button head allen requires an allen wrench!

Just another suggestion.

If you have the factory tool roll for your FJ60, you should have a JIS screw driver in there.

I think what you are looking for is a metric "oval head" screw. You can usually get these at "hardware stores" (not Lowe's or Homedepot, necessarily). Here in CA we have ACE hardware and Orchard Supply Hardware, both which have a selection of hardware, usually sold by the piece or in small bags. However, none of these will be JIS. for JIS you will either need to go to Toyota (you will probably need a part number) or purchase from specialty vendors such as SOR, etc.
I used stainless screws from Ace hardware that worked perfectly.

You guys really worry about if a Phillips head is JIC or not?

I've never owned a metric Phillips head screwdriver that I'm aware of.
Ace Hardware usually has a good selection of metric stuff but no JIS. I usually just get as many as I can while I'm at the junkyard.

The JIS driver really does make a difference, especially for removing tight screws without damaging the heads like a normal Philips driver would. The link that beno posted explains the difference. I have a couple of the Vessel screwdrivers and they are pretty well made but not amazing, probably on par with Wera.
The items I noted above from Lowes works....stainless Steel, phillips head screw in the metric thread noted. I'm good, no need to look further.

We have ACE hardware in some locations...Lowes just happens to be about two miles from where I live currently.

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