fj60 Mirrors

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Dec 5, 2002
I've been looking around for larger mirrors to replace the small ones on my 60. I really like the look of the Aussie style breakaway mirrors, but I just can't justify spending what SOR wants for them. I saw CCOT has some 62 mirrors that are either black or dark grey, and I'm sure they would be fine, but I really like the look of the Aussie mirrors better.

Any suggestions, other than caughing up $300-plus for two lousy mirrors?

I've been lookin' around at mirror options for my 60 as well. I've heard the CCOT aussie look-a-loke ones aren't that great for their price. Anyway, one option I found info on was where somebody installed mirrors from a 70 series onto their 60--but they are still pretty spendy. The other was just gettin' some 62 mirrors and installing them--they bolt right up. Some older 62s came with manually adjustable mirrors so no worries with wires or anything, but some came with power mirrors, so you can either wire 'em up, or I've heard you can just stuff the wires up inside the mirror. You should be able to find the manually adjustable ones for $30 or so bucks each if you look around a bit.

the CCOt Aussie sytle mirrors pretty much such, they are cheap plastic, rattle and have a lens that sucks. The real OEM Aussie Mirrors are very nice, made of metal.

I used power fj62 mirrors on my fj60, painted em black, stuffed the wires(for the power) back into the mirror base. MUCH better visibilty than stock or CCOT.
Landpimp, where did you get those 62 mirrors? Can you buy them somewhere besides Toyota?
[quote author=Wildabeast60 link=board=1;threadid=8792;start=msg75929#msg75929 date=1071509424]
Landpimp, where did you get those 62 mirrors? Can you buy them somewhere besides Toyota?

came off my 88 fj62 that was totaled........

not sure where else.

migh try or Nix99
sor has a set of aussie mirrors look there,
Big Blue, which set did you get? The plastic looks kinda cheap, but it could just be the picture. Otherwise $99 ain't bad!
I purchased the large black stock replacements. The quality seems close to OEM........

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