FJ60 engine service/diagnostic needed...

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Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
So my 2F in my FJ60 has been runnin' like crap for a while and I really don't know what is goin' on with it. The thing runs super rough and chuggy all the time--at idle, low rpms, high rpms, low rpms at higher speed, high rpms at higher speeds, wierd dirty black milky liquid crap comin' out the exhaust (got all over the side of my house where I parked) could be oil, but the texture doesn't seem like oil, hard starting (even harder now that it's cold as crap, but it was hard before). One thing I do know (though it's not much) is what the dry compression (we forgot to do a wet test) was a couple months ago: #1-150, #2-120, #3-90, #4-140, #5-130 and #6-130. Honestly, I've never had the timing checked nor the valves adjusted in the 2 years I've had it :slap: so that could be part of the issues, but I don't think that is all that is goin' on with this rig. It's got ~167K miles on it and I was told by the P.O. that the head was rebuilt at 125K miles. Oh and oil dissapears regularly (about a quart in 250 miles :eek: ).

Anyway, I don't like workin' on the engine very much and I pretty much hate to work on it when it's freezing stinkin' cold outside and I don't have a garage and the shop I've been usin' to work on stuff is no longer gonna be available... So, the point here is that I don't really want--and frankly don't really have the time or resources or tools--to work on this sucker myself and see what's goin' on so I'm tryin' to find where would be the best place to get this sucker looked at and runnin' good either here in Cache Valley or down around Salt Lake City--it doesn't matter to me, just as long as they know Cruisers; and if anybody has any ideas on possibly what sort of issues it sounds like I'm havin' and what sort of cost I might be lookin' at to get this sucker runnin' decent. I don't really want to pay over $500 or so cause I don't have money to just blow and because my plans are to have a 1HZ diesel engine dropped in this summer anyway...

And dammit, keep your funny and stupid comments to yourself please...

Hmmm. Mmmm-hmm. Mmff.
You guys crack me up on a daily basis. Many thanks! :beer:
Try Kurt@ Cruiser Outfitters.He posts here alot. Located around SLC I think
not trying to be funny but i had the same problem last winter when i lived in PA it was hard to start in the cold mornings and threw black almost ash kinda stuff you taking about onto the snow it took about ten mins of the chock open to warm up enough to take it off with out it stalling.but as it warmed up it got better and ever since ive moved down south i havnt really had a problem, somtimes its a lil grumpy...

maybe you should move down south (sorry had to say it) you could try putting one of those oil pan heaters on it for the mornings im sure it would help out a lil, and maybe stop it from throwing oil/ash weird stuff that mine did...i never really found out the problem but from what it seems it might be cold weather related like mine was..

good luck
Obviously, that #3 cylinder has a glaring problem. Valve or rings or....... head gasket leak.
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Obviously, that #3 cylinder has a glaring problem. Valve or rings or....... head gasket leak.

Good catch Dave, didn't see that 90 the first time. Wet test to confirm, but that would explain the problems.
The #3 needs to be addressed, however IMHO you carb probably need a rebuild. (at least see if you have crap in the bowl), I wouldn't think the low compression would cause the symptoms you described.

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