Fj60 Cali smog legal vortec v8 swap fuel tank advice needed. (1 Viewer)


omnia mea mecum porto
Nov 8, 2004
did you change it to something else?
i had a custom tank made to fit the gm fuel pump module and to end all those lil hoses (fuel separator?) in the quarter panel...
even then my tank has not come without its own issues...but i can't complain.... have learned a lot and still am...
i would put a WTB on the parts section for a complete fj62 fuel tank.... it would be the surest, cheapest, and best bet to go with......

Good luck...!!
Jan 6, 2012
I would probably install one of these...

For the fuel level it just sounds like you need to tweak the float rods. Visualize the float in the tank with the tank full. Tweak the arm so that when it's full it looks like it would almost hit the top of the tank inside.

For the pressure sensor I mounted mine in line of the fuel tank vent line which should go to your vent valve on the intake manifold. You can see my build thread for that. You might be able to install it on the Phantom plate though or on top of the stock float sender plate somehow. Due to the epoxy and whatever strange hole they cut u may need to start with a new unmolested tank.

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