FJ55 to Part out or Sell??

Should I Part out or Sell?

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Jun 9, 2017
Boise, ID
Hey Guys...

I just posted this thread in the tech forumn, I realized I probably should have posted it in here. Anyways...

I've got a 1974 fj40 and a 1976 FJ55.

The FJ40 was was running pretty solid with a 4spd 2F in it from Cruiserparts and then it seized up on me to where the main crank will not turn...My goal is to get the 40 running again and drive pretty regularly.

I came across this FJ55 with a 2F (4speed) 5 minutes from my house and couldn't pass it up with the idea of possibly doing an engine swap and taking a few parts off. The 55 currently does not run, however, the previous owner assured me the engine is strong and everything else works, and is not running due to electrical issues in the wiring harness. He is a buddy of mine, so I trust him. It even has a weber carb in it. Interior dash is in excellent shape, the rear seat and trunk and head liner are in great shape as well. (I even have an extra back seat that is flawless). There is some rust in the floor pans that needs some attention, but this truck has tons of potential to restore. Doors are in great shape. Back window motor even works with a battery put in.

My Question is, would I get more money from parting out this FJ55 to get the money to work on my 40...or would I be better off selling the 55 as a potential restoration project for somebody...There is a few parts I want off of the FJ55 for my 40, but if it makes sense to keep it all together then I can wait.

Any advice on the value or buyer market for this FJ55 parted out or as a whole would be much appreciated.






Any advice on the value or buyer market for this FJ55 parted out or as a whole would be much appreciated.

It’s a tough call on a 55 that rough, I know most of the guys down here in the sty want to save every pig but the reality is if we have guys like you willing to remove parts from dead or dying pigs to help keep the healthy herd alive then we all win.

Lots of guys looking for specific parts in the wanted section. I would go to the FJ55 Classifieds Corner and see if you can negotiate a deal with the current guys looking for 55 parts to make enough to justify parting it out.
The most difficult thing to address on a pig is the body - there simply are no replacements available unless you have some mad fabricating skills. This piggie look to be rode hard and put away wet more than once. Let someone else have a crack at saving it from becoming a tuna fish can.
That pig is likely only worth $3000 running in most places.

A good running 2F is worth about $1000

I hate to see a pig picked if those items you list are good. The parts that are valuable on a parts pig are rusted on that one such as fenders, hood and rockers.
I’m betting, YES
I love these things, were are you located Im interested in bringing her back to life

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