Wanted FJ45 Troopy jack handle holder brackets and toolbox door


May 20, 2007
Riyadh and Auburn
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I'm guessing this is a longshot but I thought I would throw up a wanted ad anyway. My 1982 Troopy jack handle brackets have multiple broken clips so I either need an intact pair or at least enough clips to repair the ones that I have. Posted below are photos of the broken ones in my Troopy and what an intact pair look like.

In addition my toolbox door is missing the bracket for the cable attachment as well as the Knob and spring that keeps the door shut. Would prefer to just replace the door but could probably fab the bracket if anyone has the knob and spring. The knob and spring interchange to 1976 - 1980 USA FJ40 glovebox doors so that is another source that I will look for assuming I don't find a complete door. I posted a photo of an intact door courtesy of Cruiser Dan at the Land Cruiser Museum.

I am looking in the middle east as well but Troopys aren't nearly as plentiful as 40 series.



Toolbox door .jpg
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