For Sale fj45 lv gas tank rubber fill hose

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Oct 17, 2007
San Gregorio
United States
Very good shape,very rare! $75 Shipped

triumph bobber ,build,2-10-15 029.jpg

triumph bobber ,build,2-10-15 008.jpg
I think it is from an early 45 lv and usd a plug type cap, maybe someone has a pic?
gas cap looks like this with a piece of string tied around.
Have a cap hiding any where? Any idea of what year? I have a 65 lv and not sure if I need this or not. When did they change style or did they?
Ill take it if wileycoyote doesn't want it. Im pretty sure it was the late model LV's with the gas door that used the plug type fill hose.
Been too long since ive had an lv, it is the other way around, my 63 and 64 had screw on caps! Thanks for the correction Antony! Your up after Chad!
I'm going to run up to the shop first thing in the morning and I will let you know. This lv project is gonna break me up but I have to say, I'm pretty darn excited about it. Found a 3b, 5speed to drop in it.
I just checked my 63 has holes for a filler neck and my 65 has that exact same one. I just need the cap. So I'm out on this one. Thanks anyway. If you find a cap please let me know.
I have an original cap and filler neck if anyone wants some photos/specs.

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