Fj40 V8 radiator?

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Apr 20, 2003
I recently went to my local radiator shop and they told me that they couldn't put anymore cores in the radiator I have(the stock one). What radiator setup do you guys use? I saw that downey has one, has anyone used this radiator? I was told that the motor will never run cool enough with the stock radiator is this true? I just want to get all the facts, I'm in the process of swaping the motor in right now. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
how warmed is your 350?

My local shop squeezed 5 rows of fins into the great. I run a 16" pusher for hot days and a normal clutch fan with no shroud. 350 carbie sat at 185-200, the TBI is always at 205 or so (where it should be)

A shroud does wonders. A FlowKooler water pump is a good upgrade, from Summit. Try those before dumping $$ into the radiator.
Although mine is not running yet, my radiator guy said you can add a 4th row and some guys might try to squeeze in a 5th but, a shroud works well to direct the air flow and a good electric fan. No need to run out and buy a 400 dollar radiator.
I ordered a high volume water pump and thermo from jegs, I'll let you know what the outcome is as soon as I get it back on the the road.
i have a worked 350 in mine,i dont have any problems.Went wheeling at paragon on fri the 11th no probs.Drove it to bloomsberg sat no rad is out of a montycarlo and i'm running a 7 blade flexy.stays about 190-200.
how can you tell if your water pump is working at its best ?

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