FJ40 Power Steering

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Mar 18, 2008
Thinking of doing a power steering conversion using a steering box from a 79-85 Toyota 4wd Pickup or 4 Runner. There is a kit on ebay but don't want to speend the 400 bucks. I cant go to a junk yard and get all the parts for a 1/4 of the price. I need to know what Power Steering pump I need and whatever else I need to save money on this.
I did it with the mini truck conversion. I dont do any major off roading so I works fine for me. For $400 I hope you are getting everything to do it. I bought the bracket from JTO and the high pressure line. Every thing else I picked up at the salvage yard. I used a gm pump. Oh yeah I had to buy the pump mount also from JTO. It has worked fine for me and the instructions were easy to follow. I did this about 5 years ago so I dont remember all the details. JTO was good to work with, but that was several years ago. If I recall I think I had less than 200 in mine even buying the brackets. If you search, you will find tons of info on it and other vendors for the steering box bracket. Good luck and this is the best upgrade so far even though I only put about 2 miles on it before I disassembled my 40 for a resto which has lasted for the entire 5 years of on and off piddling.
I just received 84 mini truck unit today for from a junk yard for $250.00 including shipping. It included everything- gear box, hoses, pully, pitman arm and oil pump. Take a look at CCOT web site under AC/PS, they use all toyota mini truck components it looks like to me.
I bought the works for $60.00 from the local pick 'n pull. Included the hoses, gearbox, stock pump, bracket, etc. Bought the bracket from JTO, and it's great. Added a cooler that I bought at the local parts store. The whole set-up works great. Don't overpay! But, whatever, good luck. :cheers:Ned
P/S Brackets

I have both brackets to do the Mini truck
> gearbox
> > > and
> > > the Saginaw P/S pump.That includes all the
> > mounting
> > > hardware,spacers and adjusting arm.
> > > They are $95.00 each plus shipping. If you buy
> > both
> > > they are $180.00 plus shipping.
> > > Send me your address and what you want and I
> will
> > > email you a total.
> > >You can check feedback on my brackets on the mud site just type wdorry in the search.

You can see pictures at the below web site and a
> > > good
> > > post on ih8mud. Thanks
> > > Bill
> > >
> > >
> > > My Min-truck Power Sterring Install - Forum
> > >
When talking about mini truck what kind of vehicle is this? Is it another type of land cruiser or another jap 4x4. Thanks

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