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But my friends call me Kris
Nov 23, 2006
United States
Bought a rusted out 72 FJ40 - not sure why actually. But I have some of the larger items I would like to get rid of. Not looking to get rich off of any of this stuff and the price next to everything is a best offer, not a hard price. All prices are excluding shipping. I prefer to use USPS regional or flat rates boxes when I can. The bigger items, I would rather not ship.

I live between Davenport and Cedar Rapids, about 30min North of I-80 if you would rather come pick stuff up.

Prefered method of payment would be cash in hand, or paypal.

Rear Hatch Struts: $25/ pair
Hard Fuel vent lines: $20

E-brake assembly: $68 shipped
Glove box door w/3speed pattern: $30
Fresh Air Vent assembly: $50

Windshield Frame Hinges: $40/pair shipped
Fuel Filler neck w/cover: $30
Ash Tray: $15
License Plate Holder: $10
Bumperette's: $40/pair

Circulation Fan: $40
3-speed Shifting Knob: $10
Fresh Air Vent Cover: $20
- Pending
Emission Computer: Cost to ship
Windshield Frame - $100
decent condition actually, surface rust on bottom side - see picture. Comes with lower seal but not wiper assembly - unless you are really adamant.
Front Cowel - $150
Floor is swiss cheese, I cut it right in front of the under seat cubby to lift off the rusted back. Dash is in great condition, PO must not have owned a drill, defog vents are NOT rusted, fresh air vent is NOT rusted, does include both kick vents (one is removed currently) and hood hinges. There was an after market antenna drilled through the driver side above the kick vent - you can have that too if you want. No Steering wheel, column or box included.
Rear Fenders (what's left) - Free (come get them)

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I am in for the cowl vent parts. Is the cable and knob there?
I could use this, shipping price to 59840
I would like to be in line if you dont sell the cowl vent items and the hatch struts. I would also take the shift knob.
I'll take the glove box door and shift knob. Will PM you.
PM sent.
Negative. I was beginning to think my PMs weren't going thru. I've PM'ed a few folks over the past couple weeks. Maybe people are still in holiday mode. :meh:
Sorry guys, I'm working my way through. Work took a dump in my lap.
alright guys, I think I'm caught up. Pm's should be sent. I will update the list once I post this.

@UncleW , @rorkis, @Voodoocruisers you are too late. Sorry.
Bump after editing the post.

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