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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
Located on Long Island, NY
Delivery is potentially available for a fee

Please carefully review the linked videos. In them we attempt to show everything about the truck, with emphasis on the bad bits - we want to be 110% upfront about what is bad here - because there is so little of it and because the rest is so remarkable for a 40 here in the Northeast. (And because we have wasted far too much time looking at trucks that are way worse than advertised.)

FJ40 videos

We think this is a great platform for a full-on restoration, a resto-mod or a trail truck build (with a bunch of super-clean stuff to sell off!) We have crawled all over this rig in order to document its condition as best as we can. Here are our observations - please refer to the videos to see for yourself.

Very very good frame. It appears to have been painted and/or undercoated early on. There are spots where that has pealed off revealing shiny original frame paint! Any rust we can see is limited to random little spots.

Tub is very solid. It appears to have been painted with some sort of textured latex (?) paint. It was not well prepped beforehand. We pulled up a lot of that paint on the floor of the rear bed revealing surface rust but nothing threatening to rust through. We suspect the whole floor is in similar condition. To be right it needs to be surface stripped, sealed and painted. We aggressively poked all over the place with a screwdriver and found just 2-3 TINY spots where we could break through. All of the usual places for rust and rot are (surprisingly) solid. Fenders are very good. Windshield glass is good.

Hardtop - not in good shape at all. Certainly save-able but nowhere near as nice as the rest of the truck. There are rust holes, more than we like to see but no where near as bad as some we have seen people pay good money for. One wing window is missing it’s latch. Glass is all good.

Hood. The front edge is rusted through, the rest is in good shape. While not an easy fix it is doable. It might be easier to just find a good hood.

Doors - In really good shape. Side doors have a LITTLE rust at the very bottom. One or two TINY holes. Driver’s door window doesn’t like to roll up easily, something is up with the tracks. Door cards are good. We have the passenger door mirror that is not shown in the pictures. Passenger door is missing the vinyl pull loop/handle. Ambulance doors are in great shape too. Again, a very little rust at the bottom edge. We would sand, skim coat and paint to make these perfect. We were not able to get the driver’s side ambulance door to open. We do not have door keys for the truck. Glass is all good.

Suspension looks to be relatively new as witnessed by shiny U bolts and the general condition of all components. Discounting the flat tires the ride height looks to be stock or a little over. Rancho 5000 front and 9000 rear shocks look to be in good condition.

Interior. Dash looks to be complete, Gauges look clean. Steering wheel has a couple of small cracks but we have driven trucks in worse condition with no complaints. Visors are there and in good shape. Dash pad exists but you will probably want to replace it - or spend some time getting it reattached. No radio. Ash tray is plastic, don’t know what that’s about.

Seats are AWESOME. Stock seats have recently been reupholstered in factory style vinyl. Front seats are missing headrests but we can feel the receivers for them under the vinyl so headrests can most likely be added easily. Factory seatbelts are in place and look great. The jump seats were also reupholstered and are in excellent condition.

Floor mats. We have never seen these particular mats before but they are either custom made or factory made specifically for this model/year FJ40 - they fit perfectly and are in great condition. We suspect they were added when the upholstery was done. (there is even a matching piece for the bottom of the glove box!)

Engine - it runs. The carb is not doing its thing… but when fuel is applied directly into the carb it starts up and runs well. The carb is probably just gummed up from disuse. Fuel pump, starter and alternator all function as they should. Oil is full and golden clean. Air filter is new. It appears the truck was mechanically well maintained. Throttle linkage is loose and should be properly secured. Some wiring looks to be non-stock - we would clean that up too. We do not have ignition keys.

Steering and brakes. We have not driven this truck but the systems appear to be complete and in good condition. Some play is evident in the steering rod joints but those parts are an easy fix. Brake and fuel lines look good, truck rolls so brakes are not currently seized up (we had to remove one drum to get it to move - it has been discarded). Brake components otherwise look to be new-ish.

Wheels appear to be in good shape, tires need replacing. They will all hold air (2 need new valve stems) We will make this a roller for easier transport.

Truck is missing a heater blower (under the hood).
Lower radiator support is rusted and should be replaced. One side step is bent down a little.
Front bumper is complete and unbent. Rear tire carrier is complete and functional.
Includes unbent rear bumperettes with ultra unusual TEQ rubber bumpers attached.
Includes rear center step in great shape.
One headlight bulb is broken.
No skidplate.
Exhaust pipe is broken.
Front driveshaft is damaged/bent.
Some lug nuts missing.
Front turn signals are disconnected from the base.
OEM roll bar is complete and in excellent condition with pads intact.

We do not have a title for this truck. It will be sold with a Bill of Sale/Receipt only. We can point you in the direction of a good title company that can assist in obtaining a title and registration.

Direct message with questions or to discuss details.
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