FJ40 For Sale Ads - Observations & Translations!

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Oct 25, 2004
After reading thousands of “For Sale” ads for FJ40’s over the years, I have come to some conclusions. This is not intended to be critical. It's more for fun! For those of you newbies looking for an FJ40, you may benefit from the following observations and translations. As for the rest of you, let's hear yours!

Disclaimer: I am guilty of a few of these myself :crybaby:

All FJ40’s are “RARE” No matter what model, year or condition.
Every year FJ40's were produced is a “desirable year” for a variety of justifications.
The term “All Original” means whatever you want it to mean.
"No Rust" means some rust in all but the rarest of cases.
“Rust in the usual places” means rust everywhere!
Any and all modifications are “tasteful modifications”
If you want your life to take a “different direction” or you need to “move on to another project”, Buy an FJ40, it will happen!
“NEW" is defined by USE, not necessarily time.
“Most”, “almost”, “major”, “minor”, “virtually”, “thoroughly”, “fully”, “partially”, "extremely” and “solid” are open to interpretation.
Mechanical parts like clutches, and brakes may not work great as long as they “feel” great.
“Bed liner” or any variation thereof is always used only for “protection"
Anything you cannot prove is “believed to be accurate
Spell checking is optional. Brakes are often “breaks” and a winch can be a “wench”.
If you want something to sound great then make it “highly sought after
Apparently, many “Rock Crawlers” are owned by senior citizens and have never been off road.
Photos of the undercarriage, engine bay & interior are not needed if you have 12 nearly identical photos of the passenger side.
All FJ40’s have always been "stored inside
“One of a kind” is not necessarily a "good thing”.
Stopping and turning are always done “on a dime”.
They are all “head turners and very few FJ40 owners would disagree that these are “FUN” to drive!

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Barn find.

As long as there is a barn within a quarter mile radius.

Oh, and every FJ40 pretty much gets thumbs up everywhere its driven, no need to call attention to that natural phenomenon.

Really hate to sell, it’s one of the nicest out there.

Ran when parked 10 years ago.
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Highly restored

All the hard work has been done

All original only the engine and drive train has been swapped for a 350 with automatic, but is easy to bring back to original

Needs just a little to be in concours condition

All 40's have less than 100k miles. No 40 odometer has ever rolled over and you can verify the actual mileage of the truck by simply stating what it says on the dash. Even if the odometer hasn't worked for years, it's still the original mileage.
It last ran when it was parked.

These things go for 50-60k when restored.
One previous owner (at a time)
What about the responses to the ads? I see similar ones all the time and not just in the 40 world

If only you were closer......I can't afford to buy it or ship it but I feel the need to participate

Reminds me of my old one but I can't find a pic.......I've never owned one

I wish I had seen this a month, week, day, hour ago.........I'm already having buyers remorse and found all the hidden rust on the one I bought
Mint has nothing to do with condition. It's either color or smell
Interior could use a refresh means it was used to haul livestock.
Gets 18mpg highway means that's I can't due math.
Just needs paint
Reminds me of this one:

2014-04-05 17.20.08.jpg

Affectionately nicknamed "Wilbur" while it was on the Prospect list.

2014-04-05 17.17.53.jpg
These are choice - thanks Greg!

Title coming soon
= no chance of title ever appearing
I had to laugh I read this thread then saw this ad on Craigslist. There has to be 4 lines in this ad that are in this thread nearly word for word.

Interesting truck though if it was not so far away:)

Toyota Landcruiser FJ40

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