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Jan 14, 2018
Waco Tx.
When you disassemble the mini truck box... use that as an opportunity to practice not destroying the power piston seals. You can use a dental pick to tuck the seal past the inner edge. The inner edge of the gearbox housing is pretty sharp where it's machined for the power piston cavity and the cross shaft. These edges will destroy the bottom teflon seal of the power piston. I found that tucking the seal while putting a little bit of pressure is enough to get the seals past the edge without damage. I know some people sand that edge before a rebuild to help some people don't.

In my opinion, seating the power piston without destroying the white teflon seal is the hardest part. I also have a pretty reliable trick posted in my rebuild thread regarding installing the teflon seals on the worm shaft without over stretching them.
Yes I have read your thread. Thank you for posting it and for your help.

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