Wanted fj40 early hardtop

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What is early? I have a 78 and then a 77 with a rear lift hatch from an earlier pre 74 cruiser.
Bonham, Tx.......
I have one off a 63, tub had that strange 1”x1” piece instead of the locating rod.....
It will be after Thanksgiving before I’m back....
61-64 were two different tops. Sometime in 63 the tall B pillar went away. Have some early hard top stuff in AZ.
the top that I need is the one that the fj40 had a long post for the hard top

Mine is like the one pictured, tub had that strange piece circled.....
It was dark when I was down there. The only issues I recall were, the P.O. cut holes for lights in the back, bi fold door is there, as is the hard to find roof vent.





If you're still looking for one I have one but the little vent was cut out. The fiberglass could be repaired.
I know a stainless boat port that will conserve the original vent hole in a waterproof way, until a stock vent replacement comes along.
Slight shaving to fit it.

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