FJ40 Daystar body mounts

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Sep 15, 2004
Austin, TX
Can you use some of the FJ40 Daystar mounts on the pig? Particularly, for the two front (under the driver/passenger) body mounts. I looked for the FJ55 Daystar ones, but they're NLA.
I haven't forgotten about the 4Crawler ones. I'm just curious since the Daystar ones are relatively cheap and 4Crawler's website makes me want to tear my eyeballs out.
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A Daystar universal kit? I'll check it out.
Were they similar in height/thickness to the stock ones or the Daystars?
I don't know about Daystar but the Energy Suspension were within a fraction of the factory mounts, front body mount needed to have a lip removed on one of the sides top/bottom but I cant remember off the top of my head but it was easy to just sand it off. I also had to grab some thicker washers and bolts as my factory washers were badly rusted and I didn't want to reuse.
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Good info. I think I'll go with them, too.

I believe there are some variations between the early years and later, on the body mounts. I had a small problem with mine from Roger Brown ( 4crawler ), but made it work, like JMack and sanded some down. My project came with FJ 60 mounts, I think, but didn't use them.
Thanks. I'll make them work.
Check out my thread. I bought some and realized they were just energy suspension kits repackaged. I put the part numbers of the bushings I got.
Yeah, I have some on the way. JMack's link was also the cheapest I could find on the net.
Edit. Just realized it was the same kit jmack posted. Perfect!

Yes I just followed your lead and ordered the kit you suggested. Thanks!!

Thanks. I'll make them work.

All except the front mount just bolted in and it only required a little sanding.

Note the heavy washer on the bottom was not included in the kit and had to be purchased separately.

This one?

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