Fixed Issues on my 95

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Sep 12, 2004
I have been posting about 3 different issues that I had, and I wanted to make sure I let everyone know what fixed the issues I had

Problems PO401 Error
Dome Lights not comming on when doors opened
Keyless Entry acting funny/locking and unlocking errantly

What I found to be the problem for the dome lights and keyless entry for sure, and I believe fixed the PO401 error.

I had a leaking windshield in both lower corners of the windshield. What was happening was the water was dripping down the kickpanels on both sides of the vehicle. I took off the kick panes to exose 5 or so clips that are pused in between the body panels. This wiring harness had been exposed to water for quite some time. The wires had collected pleny of corrosion, enough that the two domelight wires had corroded off. I took the clips apart and cleaned up all connections and pins with vinegar, replaced the two pins for the dome lights, and put dielectric greese on all connections. Once I completed this I replaced the windshield and put in a new windshield gasket which stopped all leaks.

This dome lights work perfectly, and the keyless entry works flawless as well. This does not explain the PO401 error, but here is what I think. There is an electrical connection from the VSV on the passenger side of the vehicle. I believe that this connector was getting wet from the windshiel leaking causing the check engine light to come on. The reason I have this theory is because I had just finished replacing and testing all parts of the EGR system and checked all the ports and everything looked and worked great, but I was still getting the light randomly. I finally noticed that it came on after a rainstorm and again after a car wash. The only other thing that I did that would have increased the flow was I took out the gas temp sensor and dumped Sea Foam into the port. In theory this could have cleaned the port enough to increase the flow.

Take if for what it is worth, but I thought I would let everyone know what fixed the problems for me.

Thanks again for everyones help
No, it was a rope in rubber gsk.

I had my windsheild replaced and argued with the installers about glueing it in. They refused and luckily it was raining that day. I got about 50 feet and there was 2 puddles at each corner of the windshield on the inside.

Those things need to be glued.
I was actually helping this installer set the windshield, so I made sure he ran a bead of sealant around the gasket. I was in a pretty hard rain storm the other day and it stayed dry, I was pretty happy about that. There is one thing I would also make sure of when replacing the windshield, get a new rubber gasket.


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