Fishing wires from sunroof controls over and down A-pillar?

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Apr 14, 2016
Is it possible to run wires from the sunroof controls and map light to either A-pillar, then down to either the kick panel area? This is on a '94, so removing the headliner for access isn't a practical option. :frown:

Ideally, I want to run the wires between the inner and outer body panels, inside the cavity. I can get a fish tape between the areas by running it just behind the headliner, but the wires would probably sag and print through the fabric.

I've been searching for pictures of the area above the windshield with the headliner out, but I haven't turned up much. I can't tell if there's even an opening from the interior proper into the cavity between the inner and outer body panels where the sunroof motor is mounted.

Here's the only picture I could find, and it only shows where the pillar meets the roof (from @Surfdc's sunroof thread):


If anyone has pictures showing the area above the windshield with the headliner out, I'd greatly appreciate if you could post them.
No pics but just unbolt visors, grab handels and over head and there is plenty of space to run wires down. I have 3 switches and several extra wires run through that space and didn't remove the headliner just pulled it back a few inches.
Yes, there's a hole in the interior panel, the the plastic switch panel sits in.
Edit: no photo.
Definitely doable to run a wire to to kick panel, but Driver's side pillar has wiring harness and drain hose already. Passenger side has just drain hose.
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So, the best I've managed so far is to fish a line between the inner metal panel and the headliner, then into the square hole and back out the round sun visor hole.



I haven't been able to find any sort of hole near the sunroof motor. It seems like the inner panel is just molded upward to hold the motor.


Worst case, I'll run it between the headliner and the inner sheet metal until the square hole, then down the pillar. I've currently got a fish tape jammed down the A pillar, but haven't gotten it to pop out anywhere. I might have to switch to the passenger side pillar for more room, as @YMT pointed out.
Let me take a pic for you.

Ok. You cant. That channel doesnt open to the sunroof controls. Those wires are just taped near that channel. Crappy pics but you get what you pay for

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Let me take a pic for you.

Ok. You cant. That channel doesnt open to the sunroof controls. Those wires are just taped near that channel. Crappy pics but you get what you pay for


Excellent pictures, that clears it right up. I guess I'll have to try and find a clever way to retain the wires so they don't sag into the headliner.

It wont sag. The headliner is rigid on that side. No problem

Sadly, the '91 - '94 headliner is simple fabric. The nice thing is that I can watch the fish tape moving along the back side of it, and easily guide it by pressing on the headliner. That's literally the only good thing about the early headliners. They suck in every other conceivable way!
Okay, I finally got it! The solution to the A-pillar problem is to use a Shop Vac from below. It's easier on the right hand side. Just unplug the fat connector, then shove the Shop Vac hose up into the kick panel opening as far as you can:


Take some thin cord (thread didn't work for me) and fray the end out to increase drag:


Feed the cord into the hole for the sun visor. I found the best method was to use a jerking motion, pushing it in a couple inches, pulling back maybe an inch, then repeat. Occasionally twisting it between my fingers seemed to help get it through:


After getting it through, I tied the heavier cord to it and pulled it back through:


For the upper portion, I inserted a fish tape from the center (where the sunroof motor is) and ran it behind the headliner over to the square opening beside the sun visor hole. Hook the line through the fish tape and pull it back to the center:


I cut the cord off at double the length needed and tied off the ends. Now I have a continuous cord running through each side. After I drag some wires through, I'll cut them off and leave the cord in place for any later additions:


The left side was way harder than the right side. I had to shove the hose much further than on the right side. I measured it at 21" deep to get decent suction. I also taped up any holes in the rocker panel, which seemed to improve suction (I still have my interior plastic panels out, it's probably not an issue if yours are installed).

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