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Aug 6, 2003
Will a fine fine pinon fit in a coarse spline third member? Broke the rear pinon over at the badlands and need to replace it. Did not want to go back to a coarse pinon if a new replacement ring and pinon will work in the old center section.
Yes you can replace your old course spline ring and pinion set up with a new finespline set. You will need to get a new pinion flange also...probably get one of those round "universal" ones and drill your own holes...

Supposedly you can....
I ordered a new Value Gear fine spline R&P for my coarse splined 3rd. Also ordered a new fine spline yoke (flange) as well. Randy's has one that does not require drilling your own holes, however, the pinion would not fit right, and it was impossible to set up correctly. The person setting it up has done many R&P setups, and could do it with his eyes closed if need be. DD113 checked it out as well and agreed that something was not right. I'm going to contact Randy's and tell them, maybe ship them the 3rd so they can figure it out. So yes, supposedly it should work, it didn't for me. Now if you are using an OEM Toyota R&P it might, since mine was aftermarket. Good luck ??? :-\
Thanks for the info. Knew about the flange, was not sure about pinon bearings being the same od.

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