Finally my own FJ62

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May 24, 2012
Castle Rock, CO
Hello, everyone. First off, Im glad I found this site for all its info and its members. Ive been lurking around for a month or so... Well let me start at the beginning, I moved from GA/AL october of last year to CO (I love it). I never really needed a 4x4 vehicle and all my cars were never really my choice, just happened b/c of situation. So when I moved here I soon realized i needed to get rid of my car and get something with 4wd. I always wanted a 4runner but of course never got one, and in my search a 4runner was in the lead. After months of CL cruising and research of 4runners, I stumbled here. Ive always love the 40s and soon found the 60s, it reminded me of being a little kid and watching any kind of nature show or pics of someone in a remote place, a true safari vehicle. I was in love.... months down the road, found an 89 FJ62 with 168k miles and in pretty good condition, so I took the dive and $2500 later I have my baby.

Here are just a coulple of pics that were on CL, I have done just a few cosmetic things so she looks a little different, and I will post more pics with alot more detail.
Congratulations and welcome to the insanity!:cheers:
You have no idea what you have gotten into, welcome to the addiction! Enjoy
Congrats and welcome to the club! I got mine just over a month ago... I still have some things to take care of but I love it. This site is a wealth of knowledge and support!
Welcome. Change the fluids, lube drive shaft and knuckles. Remember it holds 8 quarts of oil! Mike
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and support. Mike - thanx for the advice, thats the plan fluids, tune up and general maintenance. Now some LC porn!!
Finally a couple pics underneath, I will be doing fluid changes, knuckle rebuild and tie rod ends very soon.


8APRIUS - Im living in Castle Rock, its pretty cool small town and not too far from Denver, or really anything.
So still doin some small projects with rattle cans, the first pic is what all my wipers look like the next are the front wipers repainted.



Also, just placed an order with Kurt from cruiser outfitters, nice guy, great service, and should have it friday. I ordered a knuckle rebuild kit, tie rod ends, oil pan gasket, and plug. Looking to do all that and oil/filter change, tranny flush next tues/wed. I will put pics up when done.
Nice Rig! Congrats!!! there is nothing like owning a Landcruiser.
Welcome to the addiction......
Check your leaf packs looks like you are eligible for some broken leafs. If you do have some don't fret, there are lots floating around you can snag up. And if need be just replace the ones that are busted. But you may be lucky and be good to go! It feels good don't it? working on her!
Kurt is great, looks like you have been doing your research! Knuckle rebuild weeks after getting her, a true and Smart die hard!

Heres a tip, wire wheel and treat those few rust spots even if its semi matching paint and temporary, or you will end up like me months down the road and regretting not doing it sooner (ok it was years). You would be amazed how fast it can spread (and how slow you may be to getting to it). And I would say do it even if you are cutting it out. If I would have I would have a lot less of me wheel wells to chop up here in the coming weeks.
Congrats! You are going to like it around here!
nice, and those wiper arms look pretty good, might have to put that on my very long to-do list :)

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