Final Booster update

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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
Got my booster from "Booster" Dewey (Power Brake Booster in Portland) yesterday, installed in 30 minutes, looks and works great. So now I can fully recommend him. Total cost was $135 after core charge refund ($10 UPS ground). Booster was painted semigloss black, looks like same paint as later tandem boosters.
glad to hear you made it out ok and got it fixed :)
do you have a website or phone number for him?
what was the core charge? Im in need of a booster and thats a great price.
Phone:503 238 8882
Power Brake Booster
Portland Oregon
"Booster Dewey"
Core charge was $100 so I mailed him a check for $235, I get $100 back when he gets my core. In the end costs me $135. Not sure if he will have one in stock until he gets my core, I may have gotten the last LC booster. And a couple of people from my club are calling him too. I'm gonna call him today and give him a heads up and mention to him the possibility of advertising in Toyota Trails, since he has by far the best Booster prices I have ever seen.
glad to hear all has worked out.
i hope i can get around to finishin my brakes before the summer is over... at that price he'll have my money too.

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