1. G

    100 series fender removal.

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to remove the fender on my 99 lc and I’m stuck as to how to remove this piece on the running boards. It’s hiding the last two bolts to get this fender off. Thanks!
  2. M

    Wanted 96 LC80 Fender Flares

    Looking for a set of Pocket Fenders for my 96 LC80. Looking like the passenger front fender is not OEM so the holes are different than the rest of the vehicle, we can fix that In Connecticut - 06248 Cheers!
  3. Bluetribal

    For Sale 94 Land Cruiser - Green Body Parts - Murrieta, CA

    Shell $250 obo No Dash, no sunroof, no doors, no tailgate, windshield has a couple of rock chips. That's free. Brake booster will be pulled if not pulled already. Hood $200 Rear lift gate with glass $400 obo Frame is also available, Cali rig minimal rust if any! $500 obo Rear Cargo...
  4. rghouse

    For Sale Flares full set with newer gaskets

    I de-flared the 92 for my painting project and sealed the holes so no need for them anymore. I had purchased new gaskets about a year prior, and flares are all solid with no flaws except for paint. I used rattle can bumper paint that started flaking off (not prepped properly). Original paint was...
  5. lipek

    Wanted ISO right front fender (NJ)

    Looking for passenger front fender (champagne beige would be awesome but I’ll take any color as long as it’s not rusty) Mine is a ‘94 but I don’t think that matters
  6. C

    For Sale Fj40 front fenders! Yuba city-ca

    Fj40 fenders $75 ea
  7. LittleRedWgon

    Wanted FJ60 PS Fender needed

    Hey gang, I need a passenger side front fender... no color preference.. just straight. I can have it shipped, pick it up or do Fastenal. Just need it... I am restoring a 83fj60 with my daughters for first rig.. need a few more parts before paint! I’m in Phoenix area..85296 Thanks!!
  8. V

    Fender Liner Trim/Movement tips?

    Goodmorning GXOR, it's your friendly neighborhood noob asking for advice from many of you experienced experts. I'm planning on staying stock height for a little while since a lift can be a bit of an investment (also the air bags are pretty comfy for day to day) but once my tires wear down I...
  9. Fenoy

    Wanted fenders

    I am looking for the finders for a FJ-40, 1978. any ideas?
  10. jaybird72


    I am looking for a driver's side fender, preferably "root beer" but will take any color. Also looking for backer board for tailgate carpet and possibly brown rear cargo panels. In SoCal but would obviously pay for shipping. 1984 FJ60
  11. anothernord

    For Sale CO: inner fender/ wheel well set FZJ80

    Pulled from a green 93 (12/1992) FZJ80, but should fit onto trucks up to 1997. In good condition with on bit of rust on the passenger side. Mostly need just need a bit of cleaning. Located in Fort Collins $50 for the pair. Thanks for looking! Rust:
  12. yonah

    For Sale OEM 200-series fender flares (Super White)

    Mud, I have a full set of 200-series OEM fender flares that were removed from a 2011. Factory painted Super White. All hardware is included. Only blemish is some slight flaking of the clear coat in a few areas; after reading some threads on here, this seems to be a widespread issue with these...
  13. W

    Wanted 200 Series Passenger Side Front Fender (AL)

    Looking for a replacement silver passengers side front fender for the 2008-11 Land Cruiser. Message me if more details are needed
  14. Shayd Johnson

    Wanted Mint 60 Series passenger side front fender

    Hey everyone, ISO PASSENGER SIDE FRONT FENDER, 60 SERIES. having a tough time finding a front fender for my 85'BJ60... Someone hit me and my insurance is covering the fix, but my mechanic can't find a fender anywhere. Any colour is fine, will paint it to match, just hoping for clean rust free...
  15. TexYoung

    For Sale OEM Fenders 73 FJ40 Texas

    Original fenders off 73 FJ40. Need repair, but solid. You pay to ship or pick up in Ft. Worth, TX. $100 for the pair. I have more pictures.
  16. Huk

    FJ-60 Custom fenders

    Hey guys! Has anyone done custom fenders on an fj60? Don't get me wrong, I love the classic land cruiser look but people are seeming to charge an arm and a leg for replacement fenders. XD Being a college student, my project e30(my daily) is really reaching more of a finished product for me and...
  17. M Taylor

    For Sale 200 Series Fender Flares - $350 Shipped

    Pulled off of my 2008 LC. Nothing wrong, just didn't want the look anymore. Uses screws already in wheel well and 3M tape. $350 Shipped in CONT USA . shoot me an email if you have interest : taylor334@gmail.com Location if picked up: Birmingham, AL
  18. M Taylor

    200 Fender Flares - $350 Shipped (US)

    Pulled off of my 2008 LC. Nothing wrong, just didn't want the look anymore. Uses screws already in wheel wheel and 3M tape. $350 Shipped in CONT USA . shoot me an email if you have interest : taylor334@gmail.com Location if picked up: Birmingham, AL
  19. CanadianFlyer

    78 FJ40 tires rubbing on fender

    Hi guys. I just got new wheels and the offset is a little different and sticks out a little. Where ever I hit a bump, I'm touching the fenders. Im on stock suspension and clearly need to do a lift. What would you recommend without breaking the bank? Tires are BF Goodrich A/T 31x10.5x15...
  20. Kaninja

    Wanted 95-97 Rear Fender Flares

    Looking for rear fender flares both sides, both door and quarter panel pieces. Need to be not beoken and no rust on the metal bits. White is preferred but other colours will work. Let me know what you got.
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