Fan Hub Flange Nuts - Torque Spec?

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May 12, 2015
This for mounting the hub to the water pump housing, in front of the pulley. Felt like they were barely on there when I took them off. Didn't find the spec on a quick search. Thanks for any help!
It's not specified in the '94 FSM.

I would refer to the standard torque recommendations:

Going from memory, I'm guessing they're 6mm studs, and unmarked, so presumed to be "4T". That would be 48 or 52 inch-pounds.

Again going from memory, I vaguely recall that the belts can pull the water pump pulley to the side a bit, causing you to fight a bunch more friction while trying to tighten down the nuts. This would give a false reading and result in under-torqued, over-stressed fasteners. Just something to watch out for.
While we’re at it, is there a torque spec for headlight bolts, or just snug?
tight enough until you think they won't come off

No help IDK i've never torqued them

Forgot I'd been down this road before, when the PO put 'em on so tight I had to chew them off (so to speak), piece by piece...

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