Factory harness for HP e-locker

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Mar 25, 2009
Charlotte, NC
I've searched and found tons of info on e-locker wiring and such.
Lots of very good info on here.

Anybody using the Toyota part# 82164-600013C-3 harness?

This is for my 89 Toyota P/U that I just installed the SA with HP e-locker. Using the factory harness to plug into locker and then trailer wire to relays.

The harness I have has the typical white w/ black stripe and green w/ red stripe but the other 4 wires are blue with stripes instead of the rear(?) harness with green wires with stripes.

I also have the rear locker. Is it just a matter of matching pins where they plug into the locker? The bigger plug is slightly different between front and rear.

Thanks for any help!

Pic. Sorry it's so blurry
Sorry to be so confusing. The harness I bought for the front HP e-locker has a slightly different plug and different color wires than the harness for the rear e-locker.
On everything I read (no special order) it was green/yellow, green/black, green, blue/yellow, green/red, and white/black

My locker harness had: blue, blue/green, blue/yellow, blue/black, white/black, and green/red.

The difference in colors had me messed up so I assumed pin position had to be the same for front and rear locker motors. Crawled underneath the truck and just based everything off of the rear.

Front is now wired up and operational. Thanks for the link. I had read through it several times.
Glad to hear that it worked for you. I'm jealous as I really wanted to go HP with my 4Runner but I also wanted 4.56 gears and just couldn't justify buying the HP and paying to regear when I could buy a new TRD elocker with 4.56 gears for a bit under $900.
I still drive mine to the trails so it's what I wanted. Took me a lot longer to save up for it.

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