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May 1, 2006
Hey guys. I had planned to add the Avital 4400 remote start/ 2 way security system to my rig but I want to check out how good the actual factory alarm is.

I mean, just overall, how does it rate next to an aftermarket alarm? Is it just something to make you feel safe but you actually arent?

And is there any way I can extend my remotes range? It wont open unless im like less than 10 feet away. Thanks guys.
I don't know how great it is; it's an alarm and it locks the doors for me, so I'm happy.

I have the manual for the "VIP" factory alarm at home, it's pretty in depth. I read some of it before and remember that the little dot with tiny holes in it next to the alarm LED is a microphone that is tuned so it only pics up the sound of glass breaking. So you could leave say your dog in the car, (of course in the shade!), and his barking wouldn't set it off. Pretty sweet...

Mine only works like 10 feet away too, and I usually have to be pointing it at the truck. And that's with fresh batteries!

Remote start would be nice though...

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