Extended diff breathers - best way?

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Feb 26, 2003
Hey, what's the best way to rig up some extended diff breather lines? I was thinking I'd get some new long hose, and silicone where it goes on the screw in dealie to the axle, and silicone the threads, then run it up somewhere real high - maybe inside the rear quarter panel - up into the cargo area. This is on a 60. Any ideas? Especially for what i should put on the end - I'm kinda lost there ???
On a 60 this is really easy. Go and buy 20 feet of 1/4 fuel line, 4 small hose clamps, and 2 fuel filters with a 1/4 inlet pipe. For the rear-Run the line from the nipple on the axle, along the frame (inside the frame if you are patient) into the engine bay and up to the top of the firewall. Cap the line with the fuel flter and secure to the firewall. Make sure you left enough slack at the axle to account for axle droop during articulation. The front is easier-attach the fuel line to the breather nipple, into the engine compartment and up the firewall. Cap with the fuel filter and you're done. If you need those lines higher than the top of the firewall, then you're way out of my league. If you route the line into the rear quarter, you'll get whiffs of stinky gear oil every trip as the air in the axle expands with heat. Good luck.
what if you use a T fitting junction for the two hoses and therefore using only one fuel filter for both? is that a good idea?
that works too, many 80 guys do that. Saw one person a while back with clear tube, that would be nice so you could be sure it wasn't clogged. &nbsp:Don't know where he got the clear tube though.
I think you can get clear plastic from a scientific supply store or ask any chemist where they can order them. Thanks for the suggestion, thats a great idea!

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