Exhaust system questions lx 450.....

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Mar 24, 2007
howdy, i've got a 96' lx450 with 185K that has rusted through between the front cat conv and the front pipe. I am thinking its probably just the first piece of the exhaust sys to go and want to replace the whole thing. SO, the Q is, do i go for a OEM replacement or do i throw some aftermarket system on there that claims to boost HP and have a sweet sound etc. i am all for pimpin :grinpimp: my ride if its money well spent but if its just a new growl and no performance boost, i am not sure its worth the coin. Let me know what you think and please suggest any brands you think are decent.

Mucho gracias - Crazytom
If I remember correctly, the OEM front Y pipe costs around $1200. There are lots of threads about Borla exhausts you may want to look into. Also you may want to check out http://www.discountconverter.com/

BTW I have read that most of the aftermarket stuff is not as quiet as the OEM.
I wouldn't replace it with OEM. an aftermarket cat and muffler will be fine with some different piping. Do a search on aftermarket cats.
I'd expect the warranty to be the same.

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