Euro Spec 60 series keys?

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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
Well yes, but not exactly, but technically yes. @ToyotaMatt hooked me up with swanky Rising Sun and leather TOYOTA fobs for my keychain along with a pair of Euro spec keys originally made for the Celica and Supra. Since my lock cylinders are all only a little over a year old (courtesy our friend Matt) I was able to offer him a critique of the final product of a different key cutting method that he used to match them to my current key code. They work beautifully, and I absolutely love the non-US retro '80s look and feel to them. Being out of town for a long weekend I was finally able to snap a couple pics and upload a short video showing how well they work for these trucks. Score another one for our resident bloodhound of the obscure parts!

Keys 01.jpg

Keys 02.jpg

Keys 03.jpg

Just throwing out another quasi glamour shot for @ToyotaMatt


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