Engine Stumbling...??

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Apr 9, 2003
San Rafael
Hey all,

Just got a call from the wife, concerned due to the following occurence:

Jump in Crusher, Turn Key, engine stumbles, is jerky, does not kick over, she pulls key out, engine continues with the funk, rumpling, stumbling, making choppy noises, while key is out. .....She puts the key back in as it is stumbling, pushes the key all the way forward, as if starting and the engine sounds fine while she is pushing the key (engaging the starter). She lets the key go engine stumbles, pushes it forward, engine again sounds fine, and ultimately kicks into normal operation. She is now headed home, truck driving normally.

'97, 80k
Plugs, cap, rotor at 60k all oem
never rebuilt the starter, brushes etc.

recently added dual Battery system, Slee's light and accessorie harnesses. But it has driven on two road trips, hundreds of miles just fine since these mods.
Two brand new batteries just went in as well.

At one time I did have a spark plug, put in by the PO, blow itself out of it's hole, maybe it wasn't seated properly. Took out a wire causing another plug to go, thus causing a major engine stumble. This was repaired properly, with no ill effects for 20k. This is just info, I have no idea if it relates.

Any thoughts??

My money is on the starter contacts needing replacement.
Third ...
Well enough.....

Guess I'll be callin' Dan in the AM..

Thanks Gents

Fourth, and be warned that's a bad one in terms of sticking. Yours could go right to the catching on fire stage. Contacts + plunger and copy the numbers down you can read with a flashlight looking down at the starter to provide Dan.


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