engine pinging/ minor dieseling

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Dec 24, 2014
Seattle, Washington
so the last big project ( big for me) was replacing the valve cover gasket thus the throttle body gasket and spark plug tube seals, because it was leaking oil on the exhaust side of the engine block. I'm happy to report that 1. it does NOT leak oil...atleast not from the previous locations it leaked and far as i can tell its not leaking anywhere else. 2. the suggestion that i check the bolts around the parameter was sound, most of them some how had backed off and were hand loose with the exception of the front 4.

**check your V/C bolts first to see if they are loose**

so the reason im posting this. 2 questions.

1. will a pcv valve not fully seated or sealed cause an engine to ping?

2. NOT the EGR, but the other saucer shaped by the egr think they call it a egr modulator has 2 hoses going into it and 2 coming out, green sticker on top. if the hoses were switched tube A to port B and tube B to port A, would that cause pinging? I didnt have a problem running 87 octane until after this job. the pinging only happens when im at a stand still and press the gas at medium acceleration then the pinging stops, or if i apply light pressure to the gas pedal, the kind you would during rush hour and it pings for a while. should I just used 89 octane?

octane ratings available in my area ar 87, 89, and 92
I know Your pain. Mine has been making a rattle at around 2600 rpm ever since I did my valve cover gasket, throttle body cleaning and hose replacement. I haven't been able to isolate the source of the noise. Afraid the valve cover has got to come back off to investigate.

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