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Mar 28, 2003
I have a 96 TLC with 117k. The check engine light went on and when I had the code pulled at AutoZone it read:

P0133 Sensor CKT Slow Response (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

I had the code reset and am wondering what to check/do. The light hasn't gone back on yet so it can't be too bad...

Apr 17, 2003
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Your #1 O2 sensor is about to bite the bullet.

O.K. I read your other posts and this is obviously ongoing. You can leave it alone and just keep going to the same AutoZone and have them reset it every time it comes on ::)

You can also take it to the dealership and have them replace it for you but be prepared for a little KY job. Most likely it will cost you at least 300 bucks.

Or you can go to your local Toyota dealership, walk around to the parts place go inside and tell them you need a 02 sensor. They will ask which one? Tell them the first one. Take it home get under your truck (wait for the thing to cool of first while having a #6 with all the money you saved) unplug the 02 sensor. Undue the 2 bolts holding it on and replace with the new one. Since it’s painfully obvious you know where the AutoZone is at take it to them and see if they want to clear all your codes. If the guy is already irate at you than take it home unplug the battery for a few minutes, then hook it back up and you’re done.

A :banana:job at best.


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Mar 27, 2003
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The front one would be an 89465-69085
The rear one is an 89465-69105

They list for $132.17 a piece.

Regards, Dan :beer:

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