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Jul 13, 2010
Charleston, SC
everyone loves to add things to their rigs to make them more capable, convenient, and sometimes just to add that little bit of originality.

unfortunately, the first gen 4runner has a relatively small/limited fuse box (by todays standards ) and it has limited room for expandability.

(lets be clear, when i say expandability i mean UNUSED circuits. i HATE those fuse tap thingys you get at the parts store. They really goober up your fuse box and can be unsafe if you dont know what you're pulling power from....rant off)

from what i can tell the kick panel fuse box is full (9 circuits) with no spare circuit locations and the under hood fuse box has two ATO style fuse locations unused as well as one big square style (?name) fuse that is unused.

rather than eat up my "limited" factory provided circuit expandability with a couple modifications, I am currently undergoing a project to create a platform to provide several additional circuits, all protected and powered by relays/fuses.

This will ultimately yield a cleaner install, allowing more aftermarket add-ons while keeping all of the junk in one location.

I have started the process with a wagon gear auxiliary relay panel and a blue sea auxiliary fuse block. and i have a solid wiring diagram designed.

my question to you guys is:
What would you add electronic wise to your vehicle if it was as simple as mounting a switch and sticking in a fuse?

For example, I am adding 7 total circuits to my truck.

  • 5 fused and relayed circuits with 5 dashboard switches powered only when the truck is running.

  • 1 constant hot circuit (no switch)

  • and 1 "auto on" circuit that is powered when the ignition is in ACC mode.

I have some of it planned out already:
The constant hot circuit will be for a cargo area mounted 12v cig outlet for camping.

the switched and relayed circuits will power my existing fog lights and elocker as well as my planned rock lights and toyota matrix inverter in the cargo area.

So, I have one unused switched and relayed circuit and the "auto on" circuit to use.

What else would you guys install if you had your choice?

here is my plan to give you a better idea of what i am talking about. the oem toyota relay i got from a junkyard 02 4runner. it was from the daytime running light circuit, so i know its got to be a 100% duty cycle relay.

for my extra circuits, i was thinking maybe a USB outlet for the "auto on" circuit and maybe in cab winch control for the last switched circuit, even though i dont have a winch......yet.....

or maybe a CB would be better??
Ham radio
Driving lights
Fog lights
Rock lights
Stereo (head unit and 2 amps)
Aux sockets (switched and unswitched)
Dock for smart phone
Satellite radio receiver
Extra cab/interior lighting
Under hood lights
Upgraded headlight harness
Aftermarket gauges
Horns (Hella Supertones)
Winch controller
Elocker control box
OBA system
Dual battery monitor

Lemme know what you come up with. I have almost all of that stuff already, the others will be added eventually. I have an 8 circuit Painless weatherproof fusebox under the hood, and 8 more circuits on a homebrew fuse panel under the shelf at the back of the cab.
yeah, i kind of took my idea from you wardamneagle. i am pulling power from a fuse location under the hood to a relay which will be activated by the ignitiion switch. then it supplies power to by blue sea fuse box.

i post pics when i get it all done, but right now i keep finding hacked up harness by the PO...this is the first time i have been this deep into the wiring harness on this truck, and eventhough i havent had problems with it i am trying to fix it all as i find it.
LOL. Well you've certainly taken it to a higher level. So far I've only used two slots; one for the elockers (ignition relayed) and one for the driving lights on the ARB. I had high ambitions for the other spaces but thus far have not used them.

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