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May 28, 2002
I am looking to put the Taurus fan in my FJ. What have you used for the temp switch? Is there an adjustable one?

Thanks for any help on this.
What I did on a Dodge Cummins I had is get a thermostatic switch from NAPA that is rated at 5 deg. warmer that the thermostat and can thread into an unused plug in the head nearest to the thermostat. Then I wired the fan direct from the battery with an inline fuse (15 or 20 amp depending on the current draw of the fan) as near to the battery positive terminal as possible.
That way the fan only runs when the truck is too hot for the thermostat and radiator to do it's job normally. It worked great for the Dodge and operated only when the truck was really working and not all the time. You would see the temp gauge go slightly higher than normal and then hear the fan come on!
Jegs and Summit have a variety of options, be worth a browse thru their online catalogs.
Something to be aware of when installing this fan. Many have had success with this fan.


I found that when I installed it, it drew more amps than the stock alternator could keep up with thus discharging my battery on the first long trip and stranding me. I may have grabbed a faulty one from the pull and save. I ended up rebuilding the fan clutch per the tech article on this website. Very easy and inexpensive. The stock fan works very well when working properly. Wish I had done that to start with.
Thanks for that point. I have already put a 65 amp alternator in and I am thinking about changing it to a 135.
If installed as I've described above it should only come on when the stock fan/thermostat/rad are at maximum capacity. Therefore it is operating only periodically when it is especially hot and the truck is worked especially hard. That should not discharge a battery on a long trip, unless you're altenator is really weak.
[quote author=cruiser_guy link=board=1;threadid=4152;start=0#msg31135 date=1060390358]unless you're altenator is really weak.
A.K.A. The stock alternator :D
I've been running the Mark VIII (same as Taurus) fan in my Cruiser for over a year now, and can't say enough good things about it. Its built-in shroud fits perfectly on a Griffin 26" wide radiator, and keeps my 5.7L Vortec engine @ 185 degrees in all driving conditions. For an adjustible thermostat I used a Flex-A-Lite unit from Summit Racing. ;)
DumBass question. Ed Gilbert, looks like the fan you are running is the only fan, like not an aux fan...Is that what most of you guys running the Taurus setup do?? Just ditch the waterpump driven fan?
Does the Taurus fan push or pull?
Thanks for indulging me, but I'd like to try this, the fan is the noiseyist thing under my hood.
Ed Long

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