Electric Blue ‘82 FJ60:BJ60 (1 Viewer)

Mar 7, 2012
West Virginia
I’ve been slowly picking away at this build for a year now. I am hoping posting here will help me push on this project and stay accountable.

This FJ60 was bought by my mother-in-law in ~87. It doesn’t seem like it was driven much, then parked for ~20 years before I got it. The 2F started and ran great. One of, if not, my favorite motors, it broke my heart to pull it. I know it went to a good home and is now rockin’ a FJ40! However, I am a diesel head and most vehicles and all equipment in my life are diesel. The MPG of the 2F+4sp is just unrealistic also for my life style. Ok enough excuses.

What we have planed is a 3B+h55, 3” lift, custom front bumper, new breaks, headliner etc, body off to address rust (loads and loads of rust), complete paint job and I’m sure we will find many many other things while we are there. Basically, I would like this to be a dependable vehicle that we could jump in and drive to CO if we wanted.

More pics to come, and look for a linked thread for some ‘77 fj40 parts I have for sale.


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