bj60 restore

  1. ZombieResponseUnit

    Electric Blue ‘82 FJ60:BJ60

    I’ve been slowly picking away at this build for a year now. I am hoping posting here will help me push on this project and stay accountable. This FJ60 was bought by my mother-in-law in ~87. It doesn’t seem like it was driven much, then parked for ~20 years before I got it. The 2F started and...
  2. scottslalande

    BJ60 DD Slow overhaul

    Picked this up from BC last January. We just had our first child in December so I was making a lot of sense to take the wife and infant up to Canada and drive it back down to Oregon. :/ It was predicated by the fact our two vehicles gave up the ghost within a few months of each other and I was...
  3. PeeZed

    BJ60 to HJ61 Body swap...the five year plan turned right now plan!

    Hey guys, So, as I posted before, my wife tested out the strength of our bushbar by inserting it into the back end of a service van. I know, that just sounds wrong... Anyways, initially it looked like a slight crack on the bushbar and a severed engine mount as the extent of the damage. Then...
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