fj60 build

  1. TheEngineer

    The Lemon Gelato Journey - Build Thread

    Like most of the readers here, I've been tinkering with cars for a couple years. I started with JDM (Mazda Protege and NA Miata), tried out some German cars (VW R32 and BMW 335i) and came back to JDM in the form of a 3rd gen Tacoma. The first Mazda was totaled by a negligent driver, the second...
  2. ZombieResponseUnit

    Electric Blue ‘82 FJ60:BJ60

    I’ve been slowly picking away at this build for a year now. I am hoping posting here will help me push on this project and stay accountable. This FJ60 was bought by my mother-in-law in ~87. It doesn’t seem like it was driven much, then parked for ~20 years before I got it. The 2F started and...
  3. ChaserFJ60

    Dual battery charging idea?

    1984 FJ60 2FE Due to parts availability and my circumstances, I currently have two AGM battery's and two alternators. An fj60 and an fj62 alternator based off this FJ60 Dual Alternator - Things is, I don't want or need two...
  4. S

    SOLD 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj60 with 3FE engine

    Hey, Mud community. I'm in the position where I'm thinking about giving up my project FJ60. I was in the process of swapping a 3FE from a 92 FJ80 into my FJ60 and ended up pausing the completion due to financial and work reasons. The 3FE is installed (all new engine gaskets and seals, new head...
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