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  1. C

    For Sale Gaskets-Timing/Carb - $25 (Mesa, AZ-USA)

    Sold my 86 FJ60. Have new gaskets available - $25. Buyer pays shipping and chooses method (USPS Flat-rate envelope is $7.00 042-90B 2-barrel base gasket 042-91 2-barrel plenum gasket Diaphragm Gasket (either 21645 or 21698 - can't remember) 034-25C Timing Plate Gasket fits 10/84-8/92 2F/3F...
  2. BCMitch

    "Falsely accused" - 1986 FJ60 build thread

    Hi folks - Ih8mud has been a super valuable resource for me, so I’m using a rainy day to make a small attempt to give back to the community with this build thread. I hope this ends up being helpful for someone down the line. Background: I was born into a Toyota LandCruiser family - my father...
  3. NookShneer

    Builds FitzJ60 1983 FJ60 Build

    I’ve been lurking and stealing knowledge for the last 6 years from this great forum. Long overdue build thread and hoping to use the motivation to keep the momentum with the build. I first got introduced to Landcruisers when a good friend @xtiaan2000 asked if I wanted to go skiing. At the time...
  4. TroutFJ

    New FJ60 Build up

    Ok, after wanting to do an off road build up since I was old enough to know what 4x4 meant, I have finally pulled the trigger. Being a new member to the forum but a long time viewer I think it's now time to introduce myself and "Babe" (the big blue ox) to the FJ community. She is an '87...
  5. EZEMpls

    85 FJ60 Field Find

    I am just starting this project... This had been sitting in a field for 8 years and I was able to get it running within an hour... I took that as a good sign. I am building this for Function over Fashion. If it all works out and I love it, then we will start a second phase focused on...
  6. LittleRedWgon

    Aug. 85 FJ60 build "The Cruiser"

    This is my page so I can finally document the Journey that I have been waiting to take....I purchased my Aug. 85 FJ60 in July 2011. I have been patiently waiting to get started on her and finally I have had time and funds to dedicate more time and energy to her. I hope you enjoy my trip! I...
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