Elec Ride Control troublshoot

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Dec 6, 2004
Well, since spring is in the air (err...not really), I decided to try and tackle this little glitch on our LJ78. THe switch on the centre console lights up, but I cant select either mode - and it is definately stuck in soft mode. I havent any idea how to trouble shoot this system? All fuses seem to be OK. Any ideas what to look for and where? Is there a "usual" common problem on this system? I know these shockies are expensive. New appreciation for leafs! :D

Sorry I can't help, but I've got to say, 'Sport' mode rocks. :)

I'll be in Smithers to ski on the 16th of February- maby we can exchange peeks at an LJ78 :)
Johnny -

I've had a look at my chassis manual but it's a euro manual and doesn't mention the electronic ride control. I'm sure it's a pretty simple system - might just have to follow some wires with your voltage tester or whatever.

And I agree with Canadam - the soft is waaay too soft. Maybe there's a way of hardwiring it so it's always on the sport setting.

dumb question, are hte shocks the actual elec controled ones and if so are they hooked up?
Ya, they are the factory ones, and all wires leading into em seemed to be hooked up. I guess I will have to start unscrewing panles etc to find the wires and troubleshoot. I know the ride is way to soft as mentioned...hoping a simple solution - like previous owner spliced into power for aftermarket stereo! Seen a few head-scratchers in this dept from Japan. OH well., its a pretty easy project (unlike head #2 underway).
Hi David, I seem to recall $250+ AUS dollars each (for OEM). Not sure I could even get em here in Canada at the stealership. BEfore I pay that I will look into some other options - OME? Rancho? Havent progressed much on the task so far...hopefully this weekend.
2rivers said:
Hi David, I seem to recall $250+ AUS dollars each (for OEM).

:eek: WTF .. !!!

2rivers said:
OME? Rancho?

Ome are good ones .. but I don't know any OME that can adjust as same as Rancho, from the cabin ..

So I'm not a Rancho Lover .. but are a option ..

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