EGR Temp Sensor wrench size?

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Mar 17, 2007
St. Charles, Missouri
Hey all,
I am having EGR issues. After replacing the EGR modulator valve, I've come to the conclusion that the issue is with the VSV and will replace it. (Using my OBDII scanner I have observed the P0401 occurs when the engine is allowed to heat soak. Around town or highway driving won't cause the code, but stop and go or idling will bring it out as soon as I start to move.)

However, my question is, what size is the Temperature Sensor plug? A 14mm fits but feels loose and I have rounded the plug slightly on my initial attempt to loosen. I applied PB Blaster and let it soak overnight but this hasn't helped. I have tried other metric and standard sized wrenches and none fit as well as the 14mm but it still feels a little loose. I am not convinced that this sensor must be cleaned but I would like to anyway. There was very little carbon in the system and what was there, wipes away with a finger.

Has anyone else had a hard time getting this sensor out?

Thanks for this great forum!:)
Try using a 14mm line wrench to remove.
Thanks for the replies!

I didn't even think of a line wrench. That is the way to go if I can buy just one, otherwise it'll be the vice grips and hammer.

From reading many other posts pertaining to the P0401, I'll go with swapping the VSV first to see if that clears the code. I don't want to mess up the sensor anymore if it is not necessary.

Thanks again!
It's 14mm and very soft material. I've removed them on a few trucks by placing an open end wrench on the nut and tapping the end of wrench with a hammer to break it free. It'll pop loose. Just be thankful you have a 95-97..the sensor on the 94 is tough to get a good angle on. You're in St Charles...if you need any help just stop by the STL 'mud section and let us know.

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