EGR "J" Pipe to EGR Cooler Question

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Jun 23, 2015
Santa Barbara, CA
I replaced the diamond gasket on the EGR j-pipe this weekend. I also put on a shiny new ferrule and cleaned up that end of the pipe. When reattaching the pipe to the cooler I noticed that the pipe seemed to have a bit of play and not be very tight. With the upper flange unbolted and the compression? nut tight, the tube is able to rotate a little (10 deg or less) and is able to move in and out a little (1/8th or less). Seems like if it is supposed to be a compression type fit the pipe would not want to move that much?

Swapped the EGR gasket and the main pipe donut gasket and still have a noticeable exhaust leak (thinking manifold, will have to take a better look) but it was sounding much better after I did the work this weekend so I don't think what I did made anything worse.. The fit of the j pipe into the cooler just didn't feel right though.
It never does. It was always a POS.

SOR has a nicer, thicker SS J-pipe with a thicker flat flange, but it's trickier to install because it doesn't bend (as easily). A date with a vice to bend it to fit correctly is almost a certainty.

The cooler pipe ferrule is difficult to clamp securely on the OEM pipe because the pipe has likely already been compressed. Also that big nut on the cooler doesnt turn so great being that all the threads are so rusty.
The EGR system on the FJ60 was an abomination since day one.
OK got ya. Thanks for the input. Yeah was looking at that pretty SS pipe from SOR; thought I might be able to get away without it but I'm thinking not.

Agree with your sentiments, if I wasn't in CA the EGR would be one of the first things to go!!
im having the same issue. replaced ferrule and pipe moves freely. all this work to eliminate vacuum leak comes down to this.

any more input on this? Is the ferrule supposed to compress and flare out or something? any high temp putty or metal tape? this blows, literally
After a lot of irritation I went with the SOR stainless steel j pipe, and I sealed the whole pipe to cooler to ferrule / big nut area with Permatex Ultra Copper hi-temp RTV. Either or both of these moves helped to finally seal that area up. I don’t hear a leak there but I do get some condensation coming out from there when the engine is just started from cold. So it’s not perfect but it’s good enough.

That would be an exhaust leak down there, not a vacuum leak, if that makes you feel any better. But if you can hear it when it’s running, then I understand being really bothered by it. The EGR system is such a b**ch.
okay great thanks @DFXR that helps,I’ll source some hi-temp RTV. I ended up doubling up the ferrule and that gets me in close range for clamping it in, but need to shave 1-2 mm off to get threads to seat. I also brainstormed welding, or tapping through a new end cap- just basically redoing the whole connection. This is on a 40 btw.

ya the egr is now my new arch enemy, cant wait for the day i can delete it.

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