2009 LandCruiser

    Hello I am looking to purchase a 2009 Land Cruiser and it is homologated in Mexico. It was imported from Japan to Mexico and since I am looking to import to United States my question is if there are any differences between a homologated one in Mexico to a U.S. Spec one. It will need to pass...
  2. eikelben

    PAIR Reed Valve - rattle on startup

    I was shocked to find not a single posting about this noise – I was hoping to learn that it's a "land cruiser" sound and nothing to be worried about. I have read about people eliminating the system entirely – we do have emissions where I live so not likely a path I want to go down unless it...
  3. billiam

    For Sale  Seattle: 1988 FJ62 Misc Emissions Parts

    Selling some misc emissions parts from my 1988 FJ62. I have a box with a couple dozen parts. Photos of major parts below. Let me know if you're looking for anything specific and I can dig thru the box. 17610-61040 - secondary air injection pump 25620-61110 - EGR valve 25870-61020 -...
  4. masperk


  5. masperk

    SOLD  sold

  6. E

    Failed CA Smog

    Smog guy mentioned HC increasing at higher RPMs. Just bought this 1991 last week, drove it 10 hours home. Thanks for your help.
  7. sigorama

    For Sale  FJ62 Emissions Equipment

    I recently pulled a motor on a running and driving 88 Toyota LandCruiser FJ-62. The emissions equipment is in good condition. $500 for everything you see in the photos. If there is something else you see that you need that is missing, let me know and I can see if I have it, also. You can see...
  8. M

    For Sale  FJ62 A440F transmission + xfer

    Selling my spare A440F transmission (9K0153) with transfer case (9F1033). It's already on the pallet, ready to ship from 26505. I am also selling my stockpile of sweet parts. Getting out of the game fellas, this LC stuff is too brutal. I have a full 3FE smog assembly in close to new...
  9. E

    4.5L EFI - 1FE-FZ - FJ79R (2003) - evaporative emissions problem

    Hi all, I think I'm having an evaporative emissions problem as my main fuel tank is becoming pressurised on occasion, however I'm struggling to find/figure out the evap system as my vehicle has two additional fuel tanks and it seems the system has been modified to accommodate the additional...
  10. Scrapedknuckles

    Intro and 'check engine light' question (help!)

    Hey there, Eddie here. New to the forum. After wanting a FJ80 I finally pulled the trigger. I found a reasonably priced LC locally and drug it home. Dirty but straight with a solid running motor. Definitely a project. Well, when I took to be smogged the tech said he didn't want to test it...
  11. TheAshenWolf

    Buying a 1997 (I Hope) - Help with Emissions Testing, Catalytic Converter

    Hey all. I found a 1997 40th Anniversary with 250k miles in amazing shape. The second owner has driven it for the last 16 or 17 years and taken great care of it. I put a $500 deposit on it last week to hold it while we sorted out the purchase details. He took the truck for emissions testing...
  12. CUSailor

    79 FJ40 - Removing Emissions System

    This is for a 7/79' FJ40 There is a full network of vacuum hoses, most of which aren't connected to anything, the rest of which seem to connect to various parts of the defunct emissions system. I don't believe that the emissions system is functioning, the smog pump has no hoses coming to or...
  13. J

    FJ40 Fuel Separator Hoses

    The hoses coming off the bottom of the fuel separator connect to the 3 ports on the top of the fuel tank. See connections circled in green. Does it matter what order or port they connect to or can the three hoses from the bottom of the fuel separator connect to any of the 3 circled ports on the...
  14. Rockatansky

    Wanted  1978 FJ40 Emissions Equipment

    Anyone doing a desmog of a 1978 2f? If so, I'm looking to buy your emissions equipment. Thanks.
  15. sigorama

    For Sale  FJ80 MAF (mass air flow sensor) - $125

    MAF for an FJ80. I don't know anything about it. Bought it with a lot of parts. Untested but very clean. $125 plus $12 to ship. FJ-80, Mass Airflow sensor, emissions, vacuum, FJ80 FZJ80, 80 series, FJ 80, M.A.F.
  16. J

    FJ40 Tube Routing / Hole

    I’m in the process of reassembling my 5/1977 FJ40 and have a question about the shown tube (circle “B”) and hole(circle “A”). Does the tube go into the hole? If not, what goes in the hole and where does the tube go? Maybe fuel separator? Prior to disassembly the tube was in the hole to no...
  17. Helimancan

    Adding an evaporative emissions systems to a 2f

    I have a 1980's Style composite fj40 with a 1978 2f power plant. I am hoping to track down the parts list and tech required to add an evap emissions system for the purpose of reducing unwanted fuel vapors from the fuel tank. Something similar to the 1977 fj40 federal evap emissions with only...
  18. J

    Failed Emissions on 95 FZJ80: NOx

    Hi all, I've been lurking around here for a while. Back in September I picked up a 95 FZJ80 in CO Springs (150K on the OD, but a OD discrepancy on the title), and have been slowly working on it to turn it into a camper for a road trip. So far I've really only removed the interior and sound...
  19. NeverGiveUpYota

    Reflowing Solder Points

    Carb cooling fan relay, emissions computer... I know there are folks who have done this. It would be cool to have a thread and eventual sticky for this tech option. @Cgbeachbum, didn't you do this? Anyone else? Granted I get it that this might simply be a diy from youtube, but to hear straight...
  20. C

    PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not try to register a non-USDM diesel in CA

    This is a warning, and is based on my own experiences as well as conversations with CARB, CA DMV, CA BAR, the EPA, several JDM importers, and a reading of sections 44202 and 44210 of the California Health and Safety Code. I am not a lawyer. The out-of-state title exemption apparently no longer...
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