Early thermostat housing reproduction?

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May 5, 2010
It seems the early style thermostst housings are NLA.

Is anybody reproducing these?

I have a friend in South Aust (not on mud) who is restoring an early landcruiser. He has looked into getting these reproduced. They wont be cheap.

Top housing $150
Bottom housing $80

Prices are $AU but pretty comparable to $US and only cover his costs.

You will need your own original thermostat to run in them.

His quote is for a small run of 10 sets. About 5 are already accounted for including myself and AndyBudge if this goes ahead.

Is there any interest from the purists to take on a couple of these sets??? My friend would like to have them mostly accounted for before he throws $$ at this.

These are unavailable - correct?
thanks splangy will keep that in mind. myself and aussie25 have NOS bottoms. the cast crew say my mates used ones are good enough; i imagine they fill any pitting with resin or somesuch for the pattern but i dont really know.
You mean these? Or are they 25 specific?
noted dobster and catskinner.

not 25 specific cult; would run through to about 67 at a guess. where are you 'living in the past'? ;)

the later one you pictured bolts up to the head fine and can be made to work; its just the wrong shape.

will let you know how this goes; my mate just wanted to move 6 or 7 sets off and i reckon we are there. he is happy to hold a couple sets himself.

i'm used to buying whole landcruisers for this price. will prob just put my set in the safe!
'The wrong shape' - god forbid a truck held together by delaminated paint layers has a wrong shaped thermostat housing! ;)

@Living in the Past your expertise has been summoned!
There is many more here who know a lot more about this. But as far as I know the shorter top piece changed with the start of the F145 with the 68 model. My 68 I purchase in 74 is what believe to be a very early 68 model. Had one black rim and four grey rims. Think it could have grey rim on axles and when it came to adding the spare they hadn't switched to black yet. I guess it could also have been bought as a replacement but it is 9/67 production With almost all the changes for 68. Driveshaft flanges be the exception. F145 and short T stat housing.
all i ever did was use the newer housing with the correct hose ,back in the 70s these werent collector pieces then and there werent many purists .i dont know why so many of the tall ones broke maybey a casting problem .its nice to see folks that keep these factory correct
unfortunately this project has been canned. the casting prices were shop estimates and once my mate got serious they went up. this is now cost prohibitive. sorry if i got anyones hopes up about this. i still think this needs to be done; perhaps on a larger scale. my mate is still shopping around with this in mind so will repost if he has any luck.

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